Las Vegan’s is the biggest vegan restaurant chain in Hungary, playing a determining role in the Hungarian vegan food market since its launch in 2016. Las Vegan’s concept is fairly based on combining the modern street food experience with vegan meals different from traditional dishes.
When visiting our stores you will be met by a wide range of vegan specialties in the atmosphere of our unique image. Our goal is that this experience will pull you out of the monotonous, gray everyday life.

In our restaurants we will guide you through the wide range of dishes with the help of spectacular menu boards. Everyone is guaranteed to find their favorite combination of flavors. At the stores you are welcomed by a well-prepared staff, who are not only familiar with the ingredients and tastes of our products, but with their courtesy and kindness, they also provide you with proper information about our offers.

Initially, Las Vegan’s stores targeted the heart of the capital, and began their operation in the 7th district by selling food from food trucks. Today, however, a restaurant with an own guest area, the Corvin mall, and the famous Római riverbank also provide venues for Las Vegan’s restaurants, helping us reaching an even wider audience. 

Our aim is for our guest to be acquainted with the diversity and variety of plant based dishes, and to create a chain of stores that guests and employees are also happy to be a part of, whether in a form of a good lunch or a pleasant workplace.

4 years
 6 stores
 100 employees
Hundreds of thousands of burgers sold
The most popular events in Hungary

2010-2015 -We started our family-friend business without any business experience with a food truck at Lake Balaton.  We continuously trained ourselves, developed our skills and gained practical knowledge. We tried several areas of hospitality. We had an ice cream shop, a buffet, a food truck and an Á la carte restaurant. We also dealt with food delivery and daily meals over the years.
We got acquainted with plant-based and vegan diets, the environmental awareness related, and the corresponding social responsibility.
By 2015, we had a vegan restaurant, a food truck, and experience in tourism and events nationwide.
Based on these foundations, the idea of creating and selling the vegan burgers of our dreams was born. On our journey so far, we had unconsciously been preparing to lead the Las Vegan’s restaurant chain to success.
We have always wanted a restaurant concept that is reproducible but unique at the same time. We had been looking for years to find this added value.

2015 – Found it! In addition to the experience and knowledge behind us, we considered the national and global trends in tourism and hospitality. We came to the conclusion that the following trends had been increasing in Budapest for years: tourism, veganism, sustainability, burgers, and street food. After taking these into account, the idea of opening a vegan burger place in the downtown of Budapest came quickly. It was easier said than done. A good recipe was needed. Take a street food car, a very good venue, a good name, a slogan, a pinch of marketing, a good team backed up with a good system, flavor it with a bit of luck, work for years, day and night, with a good attitude from the owners side. That’s it. 

2016 – A year passed. On the 16th of December in 2016, in response to the growing demand for plant based food, the first vegan food truck, called Las Vegan’s, was opened in the heart of Budapest. The range of the products was quite narrow, concentrated on vegan burgers. At this time, the wholesale range of exclusively plant-based products was extremely narrow and overpriced. Nowadays, in 2020, the product range is wide already, but the prices are still high. In 2016, we tricked this by not only creating a restaurant concept, but also producing the ingredients of our recipes. We also started to make our plant-based patties, sauces and other products. Later, this proved to be our greatest strength, as it allowed us to sell completely unique products, and we were able to operate profitably from the beginning. It was a huge success.

2017 – A few months after the first opening, we placed our second permanent food truck at the Buda side, in cooperation with one of the most popular malls, the Allee plaza.
In this area, instead of tourism, we started focusing on office workers. We won them too. This year, we also started temporary relocations with the intention of promoting our brand, but it was so successful, that it became an other, independent part of our business. Between 2016 and 2020, we took part in more than 200 festivals, fairs, street food and office events, that greatly contributed to our nationwide recognition.


2018 – We were constantly thinking about how to make our concept even more successful without reducing the added value, but still creating something unique besides opening new restaurants.
One of the main pillars of success, besides the added value and uniqueness, is the results achieved from sales. These results require concentrated demand. This is how the concept of Vegan Garden was born, which was also more difficult to fulfil than find out. But in the summer of 2018, our third permanently located food truck was shining as the main unit of the world’s first vegan food yard, the Vegan Garden.

We celebrated the third opening with the first giant-burger eating contest in Hungary.

2019 – In the spring of 2019 we had a bold idea. After loads of preparation and hard work, we opened the first vegan restaurant located at a mall in Hungary, at the Corvin Plaza. It was a huge project and a lot of work, but it provided us the opportunity to bring our seasonal operation to life throughout the year in an even more reproducible form. From this year on, anyone can enjoy our delicious food even from the comfort of their sofa, as we started our home delivery.

In addition to our restaurant at the mall, to eliminate seasonality even more, we also opened a large on-site restaurant in the city center, where complementary products are also available, including Mexican food and a vegan drink bar.  

2020 – The year of the Coronavirus. January and February of 2020 started with the realization of the tenfold of the same period of the previous year’s sales revenue. Then came the lockdowns at the borders, the quarantine measures, obligatory business closures, and life stopped. But not for us. We were constantly working on getting the most out of the situation. We started working on being able to sell our products without open restaurants.
Reacting quickly to the challenges of 2020, Las Vegan’s launched its daily-meal food delivery. The dishes are 100% hand-made, healthy and delicious. They are wholesome, with no added sugar or oil. We did it.

As we could not expect our usual customers, tourists and office workers in the near future, we looked for Hungarian audience for our next restaurant concept.
As a result, from the summer of 2020 with the beauty and fresh air of the Danube bank, at an unusual place but with the usual tastes, our newest Las Vegan’s restaurant awaits everyone at the Miamior food court, located at the Romai bank.

In addition to the continuous expansion, we also focused on developing our meals and beverages, which led us to the successful increase of recent years.


My name is Péter Papp, I am an entrepreneur, I am specialized in finance and economics. I am the founder of the Las Vegan’s idea and concept, and a businessman who brings the right people together. I play one of the main roles in the growing Las Vegan’s empire, which hopefully will become the number one vegan food chain in Hungary in the near future. I have been in the hospitality business since my adolescent years, and after running several small businesses, I gained enough experience that I can use while managing the operation of Las Vegan’s. In recent years, my responsibilities have included constructing our strategy and making the important decisions in this regard. As a practical and technical person, I took part personally in every construction and manual work in the last 4 years, so I perfectly understand the technical structures of our restaurants. I see potential even in trouble, always looking for opportunities while questioning everything which is proved to be a great help to us in unexpected situations. My strengths include seeing the potential in people.


I am Bianka Hajdler from Las Vegan’s. Thank you for making me so proud to say it. I have always been interested in business and economics. After graduating high school, I continued my studies at the University of Applied Sciences at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting. While attending university, I started working in our family business. After 10 years, I can proudly say that working in hospitality is not my job but my profession. My maximalism is limitless, the focus of my daily life is on Las Vegan’s, my goal is to improve the system continuously. Since the launch of Las Vegan’s my responsibilities have constantly changed and expanded. Currently, the main part of my job is human resource management. The foundation of my daily work is the experience I gained working in the food trucks and restaurants. I see the big picture, I know and understand the occurring problems and their solutions. Throughout my career my goal is to create harmony between the employees and the management. A satisfied employee is a conscientious worker, a good team spirit is a cohesive power, strong and regular training and control results in a premium service that leads to satisfied customers and successful restaurants.


My name is Szilvi Magyarvári, I am a dietitian and a nutritionist. I have always been interested in the effects of cooking and food. Initially, plant-based nutrition interested me in terms of sustainability, but I was also impressed by its positive effects on our health. In the life of the business, I mainly deal with inventing the menu and supervising the kitchen. By developing Las Vegan’s recipes, my goal is to enable people consume delicious street food dishes made of purely plant-based ingredients, promoting changes in the attitudes towards nutrition in the long run.

My name is Szilvia Hajdler, I am a Certified Public Accountant. I mainly deal with the conditions of the legal operation of the Las Vegan’s concept. My main responsibilities include creating the financial system, registering and filing documents, and the process of data. I also take part in, creating, improving and managing Las Vegan’s, I provide help for my children and the other employees wherever I can.

My name is Máté Barna, I am a mechanical engineering technician. I got into the hospitality business in my teenage years. During the summer breaks of my high school years, I worked in buffets and restaurants. In the beginning, Las Vegan’s started only as a challenging job, but it became more and more important for me. With my previous experience, I tried to promote the development of the business and the guest satisfaction. My life is about solving problems, DIY, spending quality time and well done work. From the very beginning, I took part in the construction and maintenance of the food trucks and restaurants, in the implementation of our operational system, in the organization of the events, and also in sales. With my attitude towards work and my tireless pace, I strive to encourage my colleagues, to maintain the high standard of the company, and to achieve further success. During my years here, I became more familiar with veganism, which encouraged me to stop consuming products of animal origin.