Frequently Asked Questions

When can I place the order for the daily menu?

You can place your order by 4 pm 2 days before. For Monday and Tuesday orders have to be placed by 12 am Friday. The weekly menus can be checked a few weeks in advance by selecting the specific date in the options above.

Unfortunately, you do not deliver to my home district. Can I pick up the order somewhere else?

The orders can also be picked up at the Las Vegan’s stores from 1 pm. every day. In this case, the order must be placed for the address of the given restaurant (delivery address), and please note it in the comment box, that you would like to pick it up at the Las Vegan’s store.

Corvin mall: 1083 Bp. 37 Futó Street
Vegan Garden: 1072 Bp. 40 Dob street 
Allee (at the back entrance): 1117 Bp. Budapest, Kőrösy József Street 
Karaván food court: 1073 Bp. Budapest, 18 Kazinczy Street
Miamor Rómaim: 1031 Bp. 47 Római bank


Which districts do you deliver to?

You can find the delivery information here: https://lasvegans.eu/kiszallitasi-teruletek/

Can someone else pick up my order?

Yes, it’s ok if someone else picks it up, but it should be indicated in the comment section when you place the order.

Can I place the order by phone?

Orders can only be placed online.

Can I ask for the meals in my own boxes?

Unfortunately, this is not possible yet, but you can order our food in glass bowls instead of plastic ones.

How can I ask for my order in a glass bowl? Is there an extra charge?

The process of ordering in a glass bowl is very simple. Select the dishes and meals you want to order, then you can choose which ones you would like to get in glass bowls. The system will charge you a deposit and a disinfection fee. When you redeem the bowl, the deposit will be refunded to you.

How do I redeem the glass bowls?

You can give them back at any Las Vegan’s store. All you have to do is show your invoice.
You can find the Las Vegan’s stores and there opening hours here: https://lasvegans.eu/uzleteink/


Do you deliver outside Budapest?

Yes, you can find the list of the cities here: https://lasvegans.eu/kiszallitasi-teruletek/

What time is delivery?

We deliver from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 2 pm, or you can also ask for your order to any Las Vegan’s store.

How can I place the order?

You can place the order on our website.

Who can I turn to if I there is a problem with my order?

f you have any problems with your order, feel free to contact us at the following e-mail address: info@bekeatanyeron.hu

What do you mean exactly by a wholesome meal?

The dishes contain wholesome ingredients, they are unprocessed (e.g. legumes, cereals, vegetables, etc.), or processed at the minimum (e.g. soy milk). Highly processed ingredients, such as sugar, oil or white flour are not included.

How can I pay?

Payment methods: card, cash, SZÉP card (you can change the payment method when ordering online)
In case of paying in cash, you have the possibility to pay and pick up your food at a chosen Las Vegan’s store. 
If you want to pay by SZÉP card, you have to select the „Pay at one of the Las Vegan’s stores” option, and you can pay with your card at our stores.


Do you take SZÉP cards?

Yes. If you want to pay by SZÉP card, you have to select the „Pay at one of the Las Vegan’s stores” option, and you can pay with your card at our stores.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, it is possible to cancel your order, 48 hours before the date of the delivery. The order can only be cancelled on the „Cancel order” page: https://lasvegans.eu/rendeles-lemondas/
Please, make sure to give us the following information: name, e-mail address, order number, the exact date you would like to cancel, the method of the refund (coupon, retransfer). If you would like to have the unused amount retransferred, please provide your bank account number and the name of the account holder. 
After cancelling the order on time, the unused amount will be credited 100% in a form of a coupon. 
If you request a retransfer of the amount paid, we are able to refund 90% of the unused amount to your bank account, after deducting the transaction costs.


Is there a minimum order?

Yes, the minimum order is 5000 HUF/order, you can accomplish this by ordering for several weeks.

Will you have special sales/discounts?

We provide a permanent discount for those who place an order over 20 000 HUF. From every order over 20 000 HUF a 10% will be deducted from the final amount.

Do you have sugar-free dishes?

Yes, all of our meals are free of added sugar. Our dishes only contain sugar in its natural form.