To the revolution of plant foods

Las Vegan’s, Hungary’s first vegan food truck hamburger.
Burgers, vegan nuggets, smoothies.


Karaván udvar

1073 Budapest Kazinczy utca 18.

Allee Street Food

1113 Budapest Váli utca 6.

Vegan Garden

1072 Budapest Dob utca 40.

Corvin Plaza

1083 Budapest Futó utca 37. 2. emelet

Las Vegan’s üzlet

1073 Budapest Kazinczy utca 11.

Food delivery

Order food for the week online with home-delivery

Our offers/services are expanded with a healthy meal delivery

We are really happy to provide you with wholesome vegan meals from Monday to Friday in cooperation with Szilvi Magyarvári, the dietitian of Peace on the Plate (Béke a tányéron). 

The daily menus include 2 main courses, soup, snacks and smoothies, Monday to Friday. Different specialties every day. Place your order now for next week.  

The meals are 100% plant-based, healthy and delicious. They do not contain any added sugar or oil. 

Place your order now. 

Payment method: by card or cash in case of paying at a store

Minimum order: 1000 HUF/day, 5000 HUF/order

Discount: You will get a 10% discount in case of an order over 20 000 HUF. 



Las Vegan’s

 3 years
6 stores
100 employees
The biggest festivals in Hungary
Several temporary relocations
Hundreds of thousands of burgers sold

We started to learn about and got to know the tricks of the hospitality business and gained a lot of business experience. All that time we were getting ready to make the Las Vegan’s restaurant chain successful. We have always wanted a restaurant concept that is reproducible but unique at the same time. We were looking for the added value that makes it possible to fulfil our dream. 

We got acquainted with the vegan diet and yoga, which resulted in an opening of a little vegan restaurant, where we made Indian vegan dishes. 

Regarding the increasing tourism and veganism and the burger lovers in Budapest, we had a big idea, and leaving everything behind, we found out the Las Vegan’s concept and which (based on the feedbacks) has been a huge success from the beginning. 

A few months after the first opening, we placed our second permanent food truck at the Buda side, in cooperation with one of the most popular malls, the Allee plaza.
In this area, instead of tourism, we started focusing on office workers. We won them too. 
This year, we also started temporary relocations with the intention of promoting our brand, but it was so successful, that it became an other, independent part of our business. Between 2016 and 2020, we took part in more than 200 festivals, fairs, street food and office events, that greatly contributed to our nationwide recognition.

We were constantly thinking about making our concept even more successful without reducing the added value, but still creating something unique besides opening new restaurants.  
One of the main pillars of success, besides the added value and uniqueness, is the results achieved from sales. These results require concentrated demand. This is how the concept of Vegan Garden was born, which was more difficult to fulfil than find out.
But in the summer of 2018, our third permanently located food truck was shining as the main unit of the world’s first vegan food yard, the Vegan Garden..


In May 2019, after loads of preparation and hard work, we opened the first vegan restaurant located at a mall in Hungary, at the Corvin Plaza.
From this year on, anyone can enjoy our delicious food even from the comfort of their sofa, as we started our home delivery. 

With our interest downtown in mind, the first on-site Las Vegan’s restaurant was opened in November 2019, equipped with a vegan drink bar, where you can find anything from craft beer to soft drinks to cocktails. 

At our restaurants in Kazinczy Street and Corvin Plaza our range of products colored with vegan Mexican food is waiting for you. 

The year of the coronavirus.
Since May, you can order a healthy daily menu with 100% plant-based ingredients from Las Vegan’s. Our dishes are wholesome, delicious with no added sugar or oil.
In June, we opened our newest food truck in the Miamor food court at the Római riverbank, so now you can also enjoy our dishes at one of the most popular and beautiful parts of the Buda side.
In addition to the continuous expansion, we also focused on developing our meals and beverages, which led us to the successful increase of recent years.
The aim of our work is to always provide you with the perfect vegan experience.